Current Date: Flamerule 22

Festival of Midsummer



Summer has reached the height of her bounty and strength, Midsummer’s Bloom. Throughout the wild lands, being celebrate the wealth of food bestowed by the warmth of the golden mother. Nights are full of revelry and zeal – sowing the seeds of the next generation as others do the same in memory of lost loved ones. In this way the peoples of the wild lands remain strong in spirit and blood. In the shadow of the mighty Rosh’Kimbo, so has it been for generations, champion against danger and wise eyes on the lands around.

This time of relative stability is shaken, In his Cave of Bones, Rosh’Kimbo has augured the future in the entrails of a dozen peoples – all pointing to the same. Shadows hang on the dawn. Yet, even those with only eyes for the present can see the surging tide of steel upon the wealth of The Long Road. Lean times have already come, the cost in blood rises for each raid won, and the signs say worse is on the horizon.

For now though, the hard times of winter are long off – it is Midsummer’s Eve! Feed your souls and spirits while the sun is high and the nights warm. We will all need the fat for what is to come.



Pathfinder - A Tale of Flipped Scripts

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