Swamp along the Cairns: Mah'ars the Gorger

Lord of the Ringed Fangs and Ruiner of Man-things


Mah’ars is a massive ogre who has ruled his clan with an iron fist for long years. He has made the dead of the swamp into another layer of defense even as his kind fly down the rocky badlands to loot the road to the west. He has captured dwarfs and turned them to the crafting of arms for his kin and armor for himself. The Iron Lords men combat and drive off these fiends more than any other threat, though the ogres seek to avoid them and strike at softer targets – their poor eyes often fail them.

Recently one of Mah’ars nephews became big of head and thought to offer the “guidance of the great eater”. Foolish small-belly does not understand that Mah’ars is the great eater here and cares not for some other at big feast table in the sky. What scraps has he been given? Such talk saw that one outcaste.


Swamp along the Cairns: Mah'ars the Gorger

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