Wyld: Dahm


Damh is the fey deity of dance, song, and celebrations. His symbol is flutes, pipes, and a drum. Damh appears as a male korred with long, tawny-verident hair tied into braids. He often carries a set of pipes, a wooden flute, and a harp. A physically powerful god, he may ambush hostile invaders into fairy lands. He is a god of the Inner Circle of the Seelie Court, the son of Titania and Oberon.

Damh’s main worshipers are korreds, satyrs, and atomies. It was Damh feeling that his mother, Titania, worries so much about the various sylvan races that he felt compelled to take over some of her responsibilities and, therefore, lighten her load. These followers in term enjoy a distancing from court expectation and are often thought of as jovial, raucous, and jubilant even by Spring Court standards.


Wyld: Dahm

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